Ukrainian supper became the first of the 2017 art dinner series. It is also the first part of the study-insinuation of Ukrainian entertainment shows.

For three years now, Ukraine and Russia have been divided by a "civilizational" and hybrid-military conflict. In this period has formed a background of mutual closure on either side: the interruption of air traffic, the spread of myths and legends about atrocities on the border, the almost complete lack of cultural exchange, even informal, and the increased attention of the secret services of both countries to attempts to revive the "former friendship". In this environment the almost unique surviving way of communication resides in talk-shows, that by contrast have gained hyperpopularity in the Internet environment on both sides of the border.

The project is an ironic gesture, pseudo-research speculation, aimed at the utopian goal: to find ways to reconcile the two artificially warring nations (aggregations of peoples) through the deconstruction of Ukrainian talk shows, differing from russian ones by a striking frankness.

During the dinner, Untitled has turned into a Cossack inn with the appropriate attributes (a huge pot of Poltava borsch from the artist - Dmitry Fedorov (a graduate of the Rodchenko school), salo (a form of bacon) and vareniki), on the screen will be contstant stream of funny moments from the best shows of  the Ukrainian television. The main event of the evening will be the presentation of a specially published Russian-Ukrainian dictionary for watching these TV shows in Russia.

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