Angelina Merenkova and Pavel Gladkov offer to the attention of the esteemed public the performance of "Salome".

The intention is, first of all, to demonstrate the contradictions of the revanchist socio-political model of society in the spirit of the 1960s. The unity of the ideological apparatus is opposed to individualism and decadence. In the performance will be used the text of "Salome" by Oscar Wilde and recognizable elements of Soviet life.

Salome is an apocryphal character. The daughter of King Herod, she danced before the obsessed by voluptuousness tyrant and asked in return for the head of John the Baptist. The decadent girl. The excess incarnate.

Oscar Wilde is a famous Victorian writer. He was forgiven for his addictions until he started a relationship with a young man higher in position.

Magazine Ogonyok is a large-circulation Soviet publication, intended primarily for the Komsomol public. Great-grandfather of television. In the 1940s, crisis years for our ancestors, Ogonyok explained how to build artistic and other strategies.
Guest were invited to spend their Friday night in the company of the performance, because only historical allusions and good wine save us sometimes from self-immolation, or at least from English spleen.

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