"Shut Up and Cook!", the first participative dinner at untitled, is part of the "Transparent Borders" project by curator Oxana Polyakova (with the assistance of Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm).

Guests were asked to follow the instructions developed by the curator Evgeniya Chassagnard and cook one of several dishes of different levels of complexity: maki/sushi, raw cake or hot dish with crayfish. While working in the kitchen, the only rule was "It is forbidden to talk!". The guests had to use different ways of communication in order to come to a successful result and create a properly served dish.

The purpose of the dinner-experiment was to show whether participants could find new ways to mutual understanding outside the language, through the practice of joint preparation and absorption of food (one of the oldest rituals in the history of mankind). The cooking process was accompanied by an ambient on the accordeon from the curator Yuri Yurkin.

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